10 Easy, High-Engagement Tweet Ideas to Grow Your Audience Faster (Examples Given)

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Tweeting can be such a pain sometimes -- inspiration doesn't always come when you need it to.

Yet if you want to keep your audience engaged and growing, you need to keep your content pipeline full.

This is also why I'm a huge proponent of tweet scheduling, because it takes advantage of one of the best productivity hacks: batching.

You do only one thing at a time, but do it repeatedly so as to produce a large amount of work in a short amount of time, and then amortize that work over a longer period of time.

Plug time

Obviously here at Zlappo, I use Zlappo for my tweet scheduling purposes -- I literally schedule tweets on the go: on the street, at the red light, on my couch, on the toilet even:

As long as I have an idea, I fire up the app, add it to my Queue, and then the app drips it out over a fixed posting schedule, automatically in the background.

Sometimes I have weeks' worth of content scheduled within one sitting even, that's how it is when you're feeling inspired!

But what if you're not feeling inspired?

Here's a relieving fact: you don't have to create complicated long-form content for it to be liked, retweeted, and replied to en masse.

In fact, some of the best tweets are one-liners. They educate, entertain, or enlighten, or otherwise just plain engage.

And since tweets have a very brief shelf life (24 hours), you're better off creating more good-enough tweets over fewer excellent tweets.

What are some of these easy yet engaging ideas then?

1. Ask a question

This is my favorite tweet idea, because it's so simple yet so engaging.

People love questions because it allows them to talk about themselves and share their perspective -- it makes them feel important, recognized, and listened to.

Question tweets are super-easy to write, they're one-liners, and they're classic reply bait:

2. Lists. Lists. Lists.

If you have a little more time on your hands, write some lists.

They're really effective in getting engagement, because human minds are structured, and we like information that's bite-sized:

3. Be thought-provoking

You can also try to tweet anything that gets people to see things in a different way, because people secretly love having their paradigms challenged:

4. Tell a story

People like real-life accounts and anecdotes, because they can then draw analogies to their own personal lives.

It's the ultimate hook for your content, because it forces your audience to empathize and understand instead of just glancing over your tweet:

5. Real talk

People prefer Twitter over any other social media platform because, on Twitter, everything is driven by ideas and constructive criticism of said ideas (well mostly anyway, don't go over to political Twitter, stick with money Twitter πŸ˜‰).

It's human nature to need constant life reminders and motivation fuel in order for us to nudge ourselves in the right direction in our personal lives.

In fact, with these bossy "wake up call" tweets, people are implored to retweet it for 2 reasons: 1) to share what has resonated with them with their own audience, and 2) to serve as a "note to self."

Here are three great examples:


Why think of smart things to say when smart people have said smart things in the past?

7. Quick tips a.k.a. pro tips

This is one of my favorite ways to engage your audience, because it's truly helpful and actionable right away:

8. Get sassy

You have to trust Ty (@moodyasamother) to get sassy and passive-aggressive, but this type of content truly humanizes you and allows your audience to relate to you as a real person, not a cold corporate brand:

9. Speak your mind out loud

16 retweets and 120 likes (as of writing) for this simple tweet by Teflon (@toddbillion):


Because people retweet stuff as a "note to self," especially when they can relate to it.

Refer to point 5 again.

10. Spread good vibes

Last but not least, try to spread some good vibes, because the world really needs more kindness:

Pour conclure

Did I miss out any easy yet engaging tweet ideas?

Share below in the comments. πŸ‘‡

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