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1. Schedule Threads like a Champ! 💪

Hack your growth using long-form storytelling and schedule insightful threads

1. Write in your native environment

Perfect your content without 280-character limits.

2. Copy and paste into a thread

Zlappo converts your content into threaded tweets in the composer window. Just like that.

3. Reorder tweets if necessary

Drag and drop your tweets to reoder them if you want, or even add a tweet anywhere in between your thread. Can't do this on Twitter, can do this on Zlappo.

4. Set custom time intervals for thread replies to go out, sequentially 🔥

Don't want to post entire thread at once? Set your desired time intervals at which you want each reply to go out. Absolute killer feature!

💡 Why Schedule Threads?

  • Batching/Productivity -- write a month's content in one sitting, and then have them drip out over time instead of inundating your followers with burst-posting
  • Autosave -- ever typed a 30-tweet thread only to crash or accidentally click the close button and lose everything? We never let that happen.
  • Dramatically-increased quality -- make drafts, read, re-read, and edit or make changes to your threads before they go out
  • Best timing -- post not when you're inspired, but when your audience is looking to get inspired. Big difference.
Cut to the chase: how are we better than our closest competitor?

2. Auto-Recycle Evergreen Content 🌲

Showcase your best content regularly and maximize visibility/engagement

1. Zlappo auto-adds your tweets with good engagement to an Evergreen List

Zlappo identifies your popular tweets and auto-adds them to an Evergreen List. This happens automatically in the background.

2. Zlappo auto-retweets from your Evergreen List

Whenever you have an open time slot in your Queue, we'll automatically and randomly retweet a tweet from your Evergreen List to keep your Queue full.

3. Alternatively, add tweets to Evergreen manually from your timeline

You can also sort/filter your timeline by engagement and add popular tweets to your Evergreen List.

3. Rapid-Fire Scheduling 🔥

Introducing unrivalled speed of use in scheduling tweets

1. Write a post, add it to Queue

Get in the zone and bang out some good content.

2. Write the next post immediately

Stay in the flow and become super-productive. Schedule months of content in one sitting even.

Free tactical guide: 7 Killer Tactics to Grow Your Twitter from 0 to 10k Followers (PDF)

4. Auto-Repeat Your Offers 🔁

Get non-stop traffic and visibility via relentless automation

1. Schedule a promotional tweet

Link to your offer: ebook, newsletter, affiliate URL, etc.

2. Boost your tweet automatically

Put your tweet on auto-retweet or auto-repeat.

3. That's it. Let sales roll in.

Sleep well with the knowledge that your Twitter marketing is running on auto-pilot.

5. Revenue and ROI Tracking 💸

Don't wing it. Schedule your tweets based on revenue/ROI data to maximize the profitability of your content. Identify which follower segment is most profitable.

1. Track your sales and conversion rate from each Gumroad link

Track clicks and sales that each scheduled tweet results in. Identify exactly which tweets are creating the most value.

2. Implement A/B testing to see what content is most profitable

Know your top 20% tweets that actually convert into cash, so you can double-down and schedule more of the same. Stop scheduling dud tweets that don't sell!

3. Identify your VIP followers and calculate your average follower value

Identify your most profitable followers so you can: 1) give them the special treatment they deserve, 2) know their demographics so you can appeal to more of the same, and 3) calculate your average follower value so you can confidently acquire followers through scalable/paid channels profitably.

More Powerful Features 🚀

Grow your audience effortlessly with killer features that empower you with a clear advantage over other influencers.

6. Sort/Filter Your Past Tweets for Actionable Insights

Discover which tweets in the past had the most likes, retweets, and engagements, and schedule more similar content to engage and thus grow your audience. Don't just wing it like the rest; tweet smarter based on actionable data and insights.

7. Auto-Retweet Your Rising/Popular Tweets Based on Engagement

Auto-retweeting your rising/popular content not only encourages your audience to further like/retweet your content but also helps you rank higher in Google searches. Get your most resonating content to auto-retweet in the background based on your chosen likes/retweets threshold.

8. Auto-Plug Your Promotional Tweet to Viral Tweets/Threads

Tweeting some engaging content that you know will go viral? We'll automatically append a tweet plugging your Gumroad offer, your blog, your YouTube channel, etc. based on your chosen virality threshold.

9. Smart Followers, Unfollowers, and Following Analytics

Discover the biggest influencers who are following you and engage them. Leveraging the large following of another influencer to grow yours is possibly the most effective Twitter growth hacking strategy. Learn who your unfollowers are to better focus your content and engagement efforts.

10. Bulk Upload your Tweets via CSV

Got a few weeks' or even months' worth of posts in a spreadsheet file? Schedule an entire year's post in a few minutes. All posts will be automatically added to Queue immediately!

11. Seamlessly Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts under One Roof

Two, three, five, ten, twenty accounts. However many separate brands you have, Zlappo allows you to manage all of them in one seamless interface. Automatically cross-retweet your posts across multiple accounts even.

12. Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns for Twitter

Schedule threads that drip out sequentially based on custom time intervals for each of the replies. Use cases include: building up the buzz for an upcoming product launch, dripping out updates of a live event, and running a flash sale ("10 remaining," "5 remaining," "3 remaining," etc.).

13. Auto-Follow Top Influencers who Follow You

The cardinal rule of growing your Twitter audience rapidly is to engage often and genuinely with large accounts so as to leverage their large following to grow yours. Zlappo will auto-follow any verified influencer or big influencer (with a credible follow ratio) who follows you, thus establishing a connection back in real-time.

14. Auto-Delete Tweets with Low Engagement

Tweeted something that didn't resonate with your audience? It happens to the best of us. Get rid of it, quietly and automatically based on your custom like/retweet threshold. Let's keep your feed quality high.

15. Repurpose Your Best-Performing Content to Maximize Engagement

Repurposing marketing is one of the strategies with the highest ROI to multiply the reach and engagement of your best-performing content. We generate high-quality Instashots of your tweets for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

16. Add Animated GIFs to Your Scheduled Posts

Add a little character, humor, and pattern break to your scheduled posts. Animated GIFs, like emojis, are proven to increase engagement rate across all types of content.

17. Famous Quote Generator

Have writer's block? Fret not, our famous quote generator will help you fill up your Queue with amazing content to keep your audience engaged and happy.

Turn Your Twitter into a Mega-Funnel for Your Business, Organization, Blog, Email List, etc.

Convert your audience into happy customers who evangelize your products and services. Tweet smarter, grow faster.

1. Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month

The difference in your growth and productivity after using Zlappo cannot be overstated. Simply put, you'll see astounding results. When you automate your content, you not only free up your time to focus on value creation but also leverage automation fully to pump out high-quality content in the background while you handle real business.

2. Increase your engagement up to 100%

Zlappo tells you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more of the same. You can then focus on interacting genuinely with your tribe and make loyal happy customers out of curious followers. This is how the pros do it, combining authentic interactions with smart automations.

3. Wake up to new sales, conversions, and sign-ups every morning, weekend, and even over vacation

There's no better feeling than waking up to new sign-ups, sales, commissions, etc. each morning, knowing that you've made money in your sleep only because you auto-tweeted your content the night before. But it won't happen unless you automate and systematize your Twitter into a powerful funnel that generates sales on its own.

4. Decouple your earnings growth from your time/labor, scale up exponentially by fully leveraging automation

If you want to avoid constant active labor and minimize your hours at work, you need to scale up and grow a lot faster and use all the help you can get, especially in leveraging technology to scale your growth. Don't leave money and growth on the table anymore. Be smart, automate, and create systems that do the work for you.

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