Get More Twitter Followers on Auto-Pilot  

Rapid-Fire Scheduling

You don't have to be at your computer all day just to tweet round the clock.

1. Write a post

Get in the zone and bang out some good content to engage your audience.

2. Add to Queue and write the next post

Add that post to Queue, and keep writing. We'll automatically post your content according to your preset posting schedule, letting you appear active on Twitter 24/7. Schedule months' worth of content in one sitting even.

Easily Schedule Threads

Use long-form storytelling and schedule insightful threads to growth-hack your audience-building efforts like no one else can.

1. Write in your native environment

Start writing in your word processor. Perfect your content first without being constrained by 280-character text boxes.

2. Copy and paste your content into Zlappo

Port over your content only when you're ready to schedule it. Zlappo then converts your content into threaded tweets in the composer window. You can optionally boost your thread with scheduled auto-retweets.

Auto-Recycle Your Evergreen Content

Increase audience engagement by showcasing your best content regularly.

1. Pick out your most popular tweets

Zlappo provides a timeline of your recent tweets, which you can sort and filter as you please.

2. Add your best tweets to your Evergreen List

This tells Zlappo that you want these tweets to be retweeted from time to time to your audience.

3. Zlappo auto-retweets from your Evergreen List

Whenever you have an open time slot in your Queue, we'll automatically retweet a random tweet from your Evergreen List to your audience. This comes in incredibly useful when you haven't filled up your Queue yet (sometimes life gets in the way) or if you want to share old content to new followers.

Automatically Repeat Your Offer

Get non-stop traffic and visibility via relentless automation.

1. Schedule a promotional tweet

Keep your copy short and sweet. Link to your offer: a blog post, course, ebook, artwork, photo set, custom clip, affiliate URL, etc.

2. Boost your tweet automatically

Put your tweet on auto-retweet or auto-repeat every other day to stay at the forefront of your followers' timelines and maximize your brand presence.

3. That's it. Let sales roll in.

Sleep well with the knowledge that your Twitter marketing is running on auto-pilot. Be smart. Put your Twitter to work for you, not the other way round.

Grow Your Audience on Steroids

Automate sales and marketing, set it up once and forget about it, and focus on creating real value.

Save up to 40 hours a week on Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing can be a huge time sink. Turn your Twitter into an automated marketing machine and let the robots do the heavy lifting while you focus on the real work, whether it's creating content or managing clients. Schedule ahead, save time.

No more reposting promo content over and over again

We know you need to post your content over and over again to continually get results. And we know doing this manually is a huge pain in the ass, not to mention nearly impossible to remember! Why not pass this punishing chore over to us to handle it for you?

Recycle your old evergreen content with new followers

As your Twitter audience grows, one of the best ways to engage your new followers and convert them into loyal supporters is to introduce your "greatest hits" evergreen content to them. Whether it's a blog post you wrote or an ebook you created years ago, stop letting your older content go to waste. Recycle, re-engage, remonetize.

Wake up to new leads and sales every morning

There's no better feeling than waking up to new registrations, inquiries, sales, affiliate commissions, etc. each morning, knowing that you've made money or gained new subscribers in your sleep only because you auto-tweeted your content the night before. Don't leave money on the table. Be smart, automate.

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