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“Since I have started using Zlappo, my Twitter growth has skyrocketed. For one, it lets you auto-retweet based on engagement. This is a very handy feature, as it will retweet your best performing tweets. You can have your product or affiliate offers sent out while you sleep or are at your 9-5. Imagine waking up to a few sales in the bank! The creator of Zlappo, Jay, is a great guy. Zlappo is very simple to use, but if you have any difficulties, Jay will personally spend the time to fix your issue.” Dean @ScholarofLife1
Marketing Consultant, Scholar of Life
“I tried every scheduler platform out there, and Zlappo is definitely the best of them all. It has so many awesome features like automated threads and retweets, repeating offers, and more. Best of all, it allows you to save time, and you can practically schedule all your tweets for the next couple of months if you wanted. Zlappo gives me the opportunity to spend my time on the important things.” Zen Mindset @zen_mindset
Motivational figure
“I tried other Twitter automation tools, but I never found them efficient. It would still take me over half an hour a day to post a couple of tweets. However, Zlappo is a lot more efficient, it only takes me 10 minutes per day, and it's really easy to use. With this tool, I will be using Twitter a lot more, as you can have the added benefits of growth and visits to your site, with a lot less effort. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see how much more I am and will be tweeting, compared to before.” Sam Nelson @FiveStarFunnel
Marketer, Five Star Funnel

Turn Your Twitter into a Mega-Funnel for Your Blog, Gumroad, Email List, etc.

Convert your existing audience into happy customers who evangelize your products. Tweet smarter, grow faster.

1. Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month

The difference in your growth and productivity after using Zlappo cannot be overstated. Simply put, you'll see astounding results. When you automate your content, you not only free up your time to focus on value creation but also leverage automation fully to pump out high-quality content in the background while you handle real business.

2. Increase your engagement up to 100%

Zlappo tells you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more of the same. You can then focus on interacting genuinely with your tribe and make loyal happy customers out of curious followers. This is how the pros do it, combining authentic interactions with smart automations.

3. Wake up to new ebook sales and affiliate sign-ups every morning, weekend, and even over vacation

There's no better feeling than waking up to new sign-ups, sales, commissions, etc. each morning, knowing that you've made money in your sleep only because you auto-tweeted your content the night before. But it won't happen unless you automate and systematize your Twitter into a powerful funnel that generates sales on its own.

4. Fast-track your goal of living full-time off of your online business, decouple your earnings from your time/labor

If you want to get to the point where your online revenue can replace your regular employment, you need to grow a lot faster and use all the help you can get, especially in leveraging technology to scale your growth. Don't leave money and growth on the table anymore. Be smart, automate, and create systems that do the work for you.

Why Zlappo? 🔥

Tweet smarter. Grow faster.

  • TweetDeck Schedules Tweets. We Deliver Results.

    Whether you want to sell more ebooks, get more affiliate sales, or otherwise grow your audience to monetize later, our smart features are built specifically to increase your ROI on Twitter.

  • Focused and Serves Only One Purpose

    Zlappo serves only one purpose: to grow your audience rapidly. Nothing else. We loathe to become yet another me-too bloatware app that tries to do everything shoddily.

  • Best Practices Baked into the App

    Even if you're new on Twitter, Zlappo's workflow is tactically designed to embody Twitter best practices within an intuitive workflow. No strategy? No problem. Zlappo is the strategy. Just go with the flow, use all features, and you'll naturally run a tight ship with your Twitter.

  • We Understand Twitter Growth Hacking in 2020.

    Growing an audience on Twitter in 2020 is a science. And we understand that science. Which is why we constantly evolve our product to embody only the most effective strategies today.

  • Cleanest User Interface Ever

    According to our users, Zlappo's speed, intuitiveness, and ease of use are unmatched.

  • No Spammy/Black-Hat Automations

    We don't allow bulk following or unfollowing, mass liking or retweeting, mass/auto-DMs, etc. We're a white-hat tool that follows Twitter's terms of use to the letter. Period.

  • No Hype. Just Smarter Automation.

    Our product philosophy is simple. Tweet smarter, grow faster. We help you get ahead by doing what no one else is doing and getting you results no one else is getting.

1. Schedule Threads like a Champ! 💪

Hack your growth using long-form storytelling and schedule insightful threads

1. Write in your native environment

Perfect your content without 280-character limits.

2. Copy and paste into a thread

Zlappo converts your content into threaded tweets in the composer window. Just like that.

3. Set custom time intervals for thread replies to go out, sequentially 🔥

Don't want to post entire thread at once? Set your desired time intervals at which you want each reply to go out. Absolute killer feature!

Cut to the chase: how are we better than our closest competitor?

2. Revenue and ROI Tracking 💸

Don't wing it. Schedule your tweets based on revenue/ROI data to maximize the profitability of your content. Identify which follower segment is most profitable.

1. Track your sales and conversion rate from each Gumroad link

Track clicks and sales that each scheduled tweet results in. Identify exactly which tweets are creating the most value.

2. Implement A/B testing to see what content is most profitable

Know your top 20% tweets that actually convert into cash, so you can double-down and schedule more of the same. Stop scheduling dud tweets that don't sell!

3. Identify your VIP followers and calculate your average follower value

Identify your most profitable followers so you can: 1) give them the special treatment they deserve, 2) know their demographics so you can appeal to more of the same, and 3) calculate your average follower value so you can confidently acquire followers through scalable/paid channels profitably.

3. Auto-Recycle Evergreen Content 🌲

Showcase your best content regularly and maximize visibility/engagement

1. Zlappo auto-adds your tweets with good engagement to an Evergreen List

Zlappo identifies your popular tweets and auto-adds them to an Evergreen List. This happens automatically in the background.

2. Zlappo auto-retweets from your Evergreen List

Whenever you have an open time slot in your Queue, we'll automatically and randomly retweet a tweet from your Evergreen List to keep your Queue full.

3. Alternatively, add tweets to Evergreen manually from your timeline

You can also sort/filter your timeline by engagement and add popular tweets to your Evergreen List.

More Success Stories 💪

We empower our users to be 10x better.

“Zlappo has made my Twitter life so much simpler! As a content creator and blogger, you don't want to be glued to Twitter all day long. The fact that you can schedule tweet threads AND schedule retweets of your high-performing content is a gold mine! Zlappo makes it easier for you to grow your account while being able to authentically connect with your audience.” Brittany Hollie @brittsliladvice
Health blogger, A Lil' Sweet Spice & Advice
“I was looking for a tool that can schedule threads. Then I came across Zlappo. I signed up for the 14-day free trial, and I was immediately convinced by the tool. I must say I didn't have any issues; some happened due to my error. Their customer support is awesome, they listen to feedback. What more do you want? It's the best tool for optimum pricing. It's a must if you want to grow on Twitter.” Tejas Rane @tejas3732
Author, Quorific: Learn the Art of Leveraging Quora
“I tried a bunch of scheduling apps for Twitter; you name em'. But Zlappo is the best in my book. Not only is it stupid easy to use, it has a ton of features, it works without issues, AND has a mobile app. Zlappo is your tool if you want to grow your audience and business. Jay is easy to work with and provides help, and new features, with anything. See for yourself!” Alexander Reich @selfconquering

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