5 Underrated Tactics to Get More Retweets (Specific Examples)

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So you want more retweets?

Yeah, you and everyone and their moms too.

Unless you have a massive following already, in which case retweets should come naturally to you, you'll probably need to "growth hack" your way to more retweets through some inorganic/unnatural methods, which we'll be covering below.

I don't personally have a huge following (1.1k as of today), but I'm pretty active on Twitter, and I've seen how people brilliantly get others to retweet and also otherwise engage with their accounts despite having small-ish followings themselves.

So how do they do it?

1. Do a public shout-out

This seems to be the most popular method to drive eyeballs to your profile and gain followers, and many people have sort of caught on.

But the reason people do it is because FLATTERY WORKS.

I don't want to use this term, but if you "butter" people up, they're more likely to retweet and comment on your tweets.

Bonus points if they're larger accounts, which will magnify your reach several folds!

BUT ONLY DO THIS IF YOU MEAN IT. People smell insincerity from miles away.

Just look at how Tanzil gives props and respect to people on his Twitter:

A couple more examples:

Heck, you can even compliment one large account strategically.

If you have a good relationship with a large account (i.e. they engage with you and retweet your comments/quoted tweets), you can mention them specifically and describe your experience with them and how following them has made your life better.

It can be serious or even slightly playful and humorous, as long as it's true:

Yep, Zuby retweeted Mindset Muscle Money to his 200,000+ followers.

2. Use tough love/wake up calls

I see this type of tweets getting crazy engagement most of the time.

Yes, the rah-rah motivational tweets that give us a warm fuzzy feeling inside and leave us inspired and fired up are great.

But a lot of us actually need some good ol' talking down and a SOLID kick in the butt to get down to business and start changing our lives.

You don't even have to go all drill sergeant either. A light-ish touch is usually sufficient, see how Moody does it:

Not bad eh? Aaron's subtle reminder on how we're wasting our lives away "watching Netflix" is also more than sufficient for us to IMMEDIATELY feel compelled to reach for the remote and turn that shit off:

Reading Sean's tweet first thing in the morning might even make us quit porn altogether:

You get the point. People retweet shit as a "note to self" more than you think.

3. Run a contest/giveaway

You don't need to be a gigantic multinational brand with 10 million followers and a huge budget to run a Twitter contest.

Just give out money, Amazon gift cards, memberships to your site, free ebooks, or anything with value, so long as you ask for the retweet somewhere in the body.

If you were to do this, I'd set up some conversion tracking to see how well traffic from the tweet converts in the funnel (if applicable).

Grant just hit 1k followers recently, and he got 51 retweets (and counting) for his giveaway post:

Dallen with almost 800 followers got 10 retweets (and counting) for his contest:

4. Use popular memes + your offer

Okay, this one is pretty clever, and you gotta trust someone like Nate to pull it off.

All he did was upload a meme video of a Chinese guy doing some impossible feat, and then plug his offer in the body of the tweet.

31 retweets and counting, with 100+ likes, within less than 24 hours... Um, how often do offers/sales letters see that kind of engagement!?

5. Post a thread (tweet storm) + list

Threads tend to be popular. But the reason it's last on this list is because it takes the most effort.

Some quality threads take hours to plan, write, and perfect.

But if you have some unique insights that virtually no one else has, put them out there and organize them into a list for easy consumption.

Seriously. Nothing works better than actual meaty, granular, actionable content at the end of the day.

Two authorities I look up to, Ryan and Ron (I don't miss a single tweet of theirs), are thread masters:

300+ and 200+ retweets, respectively. Holy motherlode of engagement.

Pour conclure

And there ya go. Some quick growth hacks for you up-and-coming Twitter personal brands.

Nothing beats quality content and genuine interaction, of course, but these are some neat tricks you can try to make your audience-building efforts a little, let's say... breezier.

Nothing wrong with that!


Did I miss any specific tactic or technique? Comment below and share your insights! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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