How to Identify Your Most-Profitable Tweets and Schedule More of the Same (Step-by-Step Guide using Gumroad)

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99% of people on Twitter are winging it. Tweeting blindly.

Putting out duds when they could be putting out winners.

And most importantly, getting fooled into optimizing for engagement and follower count when the end goal is sales, money, and revenue growth.

Engagement/Follower count isn't sales, and, often enough, they're poorly correlated.

If you're on Twitter to make money, you can't afford not to know which your most profitable tweets are, so you can schedule more of the same.

According to Pareto's Principle, 20% of your tweets will produce 80% of your profits.

So how do you tighten your tweet game?

Most successful sellers on Twitter know for a fact that you don't need a lot of followers, let alone likes, to make money on Twitter.

What's most important is to post/schedule profitable content, and do it often.

So the key measurement we need to make is to tie your tweets to your sales.

By doing so, you can:

  • Know your top 20% performing tweets that actually convert to cash, and schedule more of only the most-profitable tweets.
  • Stop scheduling dud tweets that might get liked/retweeted like crazy but produce $0.00.
  • Optimize your content strategy based on real revenue data, not unactionable meaningless vanity data like "engagement."
  • Identify your VIP followers who actually spend most money with you, so you can reward them with special treatment.
  • Discover how much each follower is worth on average, so you can acquire followers confidently with scalable paid channels.
  • Know which demographics spend the most money with you, so you can seek out and cater to more of the same.

If you're sold by this concept already, here's how to identify your most-profitable tweets, step by step:

1. Create a free Zlappo account

First, sign up for a free Zlappo account here:

Enter your email address, check your email for an activation email, and follow the instructions to activate your account:

2. Connect your Twitter account

Once you click on the activation link, you'll be brought to the Zlappo dashboard and be prompted to Connect your Twitter account to Zlappo:

This step is necessary for Zlappo to post to Twitter on your behalf.

NOTE: We do not post anything to Twitter without your express permission.

3. Scroll to "Sell Smarter Automations"

After you connect your Twitter account, scroll down to the "Sell Smarter Automations" section.

Enable the switch on the right. A list of instructions will drop down:

4. Copy and paste your unique link

Click on the link itself to copy it immediately:

5. Head over to Gumroad's Advanced Settings

Now we're going to switch gears a little and log into your Gumroad account at

Go to your Gumroad dashboard > Settings > Advanced (i.e. here).

You should see a field called "Ping," second from top, which is where you'll paste the Zlappo link you just copied:

Don't forget to save by clicking "Update account details" at the bottom.

6. Schedule a post on Zlappo now

Now we're heading back to Zlappo at

At the bottom right, you should see a green tab that says "Schedule a Post:"

Click on it.

7. Schedule a promotional tweet

Type your tweet, include your Gumroad link to your product, and click "Add to Queue:"

Note: Since you've integrated your Gumroad account to Zlappo, every tweet containing a Gumroad link that you schedule through Zlappo will be tracked for: 1) unique clicks, 2) conversion rate (# of purchases / # of unique clicks), and 3) sales.

This happens automatically in the background, so you don't need to do anything extra.

8. Start monitoring your sales and ROI metrics

Finally, click "Posted" on your left-side menu:

This will lead you to your tweets posted by Zlappo, where you'll be able to see some really neat stats, such as the sales from your tweets and the conversion rate:

You can even schedule multiple tweets linking to the same Gumroad product, so you can know which tweets exactly result in the most revenue, and which the least (A/B testing).

Or you can schedule multiple tweets linking to different Gumroad products using the same tweet style to see which products are the most profitable.

Et voilà!

That's it! Now you can schedule tweets profitably like a champ! 💪

👉 Get started with Zlappo and start scheduling only the most-profitable tweets right now 👈

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