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Great Success Stories 💪

Real users, real satisfaction, real results.

“I've used Buffer,, and Hootsuite. None of them have the granular settings that Zlappo has. The threads I can write, and retweet automatically end up becoming epic tweetstorms. It's incredible the granularity of options you have with Zlappo. I'm always struggling to find the right time to tweet, the retweet after X hours feature provides an amazing solution. I can post, retweet 12 hours later and make sure I cover my bases. In just a couple hours a week I can write all of my tweets. Also the Gumroad integration is such a gosh darn moneymaker!” Andrew Kamphey @Kamphey
Software entrepreneur, Andrew Kamphey
My engagement is skyrocketing. Just do it. First of all, this is a multi-account scheduler. HUGE value in that alone. I was using another service which I did enjoy, but after seeing the endless features with Zlappo, it became a lot easier to finally make the switch. The detailed auto-RT and evergreen tweet promotion WILL grow your account. I'm getting more likes, replies, retweets than ever before, and that's converting to more followers and more traffic to my website on a daily basis. Put them on auto-pilot and let Zlappo do the rest!” Ty Solorzano @luvmyhubz
“I ran into Zlappo a while back when I was looking for a way to schedule threads. I noticed my Twitter workflow changed a lot with this tool, as I have a space to work on my tweet ideas and can then polish them in drafts. If you have some really good tweets from a longer time ago, Evergreen auto-scheduling is also wonderful! As a software developer myself, I've additionally enjoyed the fact that the couple of times I have found something wrong, a well-written bug report with steps to reproduce has been also well-received.” Lynoure Braakman @Lynoure
Software engineer

Turn Your Twitter/X into an Efficient Monetized Funnel

Grow your following, grow your email list, sell more products

1. Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month

The difference in your growth and productivity after using Zlappo cannot be overstated. Simply put, you'll see astounding results. When you automate your content, you not only free up your time to focus on value creation but also leverage automation fully to pump out high-quality content in the background while you handle real business.

2. Increase your engagement up to 100%

Zlappo tells you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more of the same. You can then focus on interacting genuinely with your tribe and make loyal happy customers out of curious followers. This is how the pros do it, combining authentic interactions with smart automations.

3. Wake up to new sales, conversions, and sign-ups every morning, weekend, and even over vacation

There's no better feeling than waking up to new sign-ups, sales, commissions, etc. each morning, knowing that you've made money in your sleep only because you auto-tweeted your content the night before. But it won't happen unless you automate and systematize your Twitter/X into a powerful funnel that generates sales on its own.

4. Decouple your earnings growth from your time/labor, scale up exponentially by fully leveraging automation

If you want to avoid constant active labor and minimize your hours at work, you need to scale up and grow a lot faster and use all the help you can get, especially in leveraging technology to scale your growth. Don't leave money and growth on the table anymore. Be smart, automate, and create systems that do the work for you.

1. Preview Your Scheduled Content LIVE ✨

See how your tweets/threads will look like on Twitter/X as you type

1. Schedule with clarity and confidence

No more second-guessing how your content will turn out when it's finally posted to Twitter/X.

2. Live preview all Twitter/X elements

Images, GIFs, mentions, hashtags, replies, quoted tweets, links, Twitter/X Cards, etc. Our live preview handles everything.

3. Edit mistakes on the fly

Nip the stuff you don't want in the bud... now. You still can't edit tweets on Twitter/X, last time we checked.

2. Schedule Threads like a Champ! 💪

Hack your growth using long-form storytelling and schedule insightful threads

1. Write in your native environment

Perfect your content without 280-character limits.

2. Copy and paste into a thread

Zlappo converts your content into threaded tweets in the composer window. Just like that.

3. Reorder tweets if necessary

Drag and drop your tweets to reoder them if you want, or even add a tweet anywhere in between your thread. Can't do this on Twitter/X, can do this on Zlappo.

4. Set custom time intervals for thread replies to go out, sequentially 🔥

Don't want to post entire thread at once? Set your desired time intervals at which you want each reply to go out. Absolute killer feature!

💡 Why Schedule Threads?

  • Batching/Productivity -- write a month's content in one sitting, but drip them out over time instead of burst-posting
  • Autosave -- no more losing a 30-tweet thread just because you clicked the wrong button
  • Increase content quality -- make drafts, read, re-read, and edit or make changes to your threads before they go out
  • Optimize timing -- post not when you're inspired, but when your audience is looking to get inspired.

Why Zlappo? 🔥

Tweet smarter. Grow faster.

  • TweetDeck Schedules Tweets. We Deliver Results.

    Whether you want to sell more ebooks, get more affiliate sales, or otherwise grow your audience to monetize later, our smart features are built specifically to increase your ROI on Twitter/X.

  • Focused and Serves Only One Purpose

    Zlappo serves only one purpose: to grow your audience rapidly. Nothing else. We loathe to become yet another me-too bloatware app that tries to do everything shoddily.

  • Best Practices Baked into the App

    Even if you're new on Twitter/X, Zlappo's workflow is tactically designed to embody Twitter/X best practices within an intuitive workflow.

  • Cleanest User Interface Ever

    According to our users, Zlappo's speed, intuitiveness, and ease of use are unmatched.

  • No Spammy/Black-Hat Automations

    We don't allow bulk following or unfollowing, mass liking or retweeting, mass unsolicited DMs, etc. We're a white-hat, whitelisted tool that follows Twitter/X's terms of use to the letter. Period.

  • No Hype. Just Smarter Automation.

    Our product philosophy is simple. Tweet smarter, grow faster. We help you get ahead by doing what no one else is doing and getting you results no one else is getting.

More Success Stories 💪

We empower our users to be 10x better.

“I truly love Zlappo. Not only because I can schedule threads, but because Jay is so very responsive to users. When a user-suggested feature is implemented, there's a tweet with their handle so we can go and thank them for making Zlappo even better. My other favorite features are: Adding a promo tweet to a tweet that has "taken off" - my email list and sales have grown without any additional effort. I've been a Twitter user since the beginning of '09, and Zlappo is the best tool for Twitter of all time.” Auntee Rik @Aunteerik
Marketing Blogger
Very satisfied with all the features - now I no longer have to manually RT and unRT. Barely scratching the surface of all the features. The automations are what power users need, and at an unbeatable price. Love how responsive Jay, the founder, is to any query and feature request. He's very patient and thorough in explaining any issue I had. Being able to see the roadmap and what he's currently working on also gives great confidence in the project.” Jason Leow @jasonleowsg
Indie Hacker, Lifelog
“Zlappo is a "specialty" tool. It won't be your "everything I ever want to do on every social media channel" tool. It will be your "here's how to get serious about Twitter and build a profitable Twitter following" tool. The dashboard is perfect for the kind of influencer interaction necessary to build a large, qualified following. I'm really pleased with this tool. Twitter is a powerful channel, and we needed a powerful tool to optimize it. I think Zlappo is it.” Andrea Hill @andreahill
Business consultant, StrategyWerx
“Zlappo was a game changer for me. It actually got me to post and start working on my Twitter account. With Zlappo, all I had to do was line them up. I was actually able to line up three weeks of material in my very first Zlappo session. Then, I just set the best ones to retweet automatically on the Evergreen schedule. This app definitely makes posting on Twitter a no-brainer. It's easy-to-use, easy to learn and actually makes the entire process fun.” Martin Messier @MartinMessier
Consultant, Xceede Solutions

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