Others schedule tweets. Zlappo delivers results.

Others make you efficient. Zlappo makes you effective.

They save you time. We make you money.

Zlappo was built with only one purpose in mind: to grow your audience rapidly like a Top 1% influencer. Zlappo bakes in the Twitter best practices of 2022 and systematizes it all into a simple, intuitive workflow.

With Zlappo, even the Twitter novice will gain an absurd amount of value just by going with the flow. We understand Twitter growth hacking inside out, and our product embodies the only the smartest features, empowering you to grow like no one else can by doing what no one else is.

Connect multiple Twitter accounts
Connect UNLIMITED accounts

Only one account/signup
Timeline filtering & sorting
Sort past tweets by retweets and likes. Further filter by type: with media, with link, quoted tweets, replies, retweets, etc.

Lacks filtering and sorting
Gumroad revenue tracking
Tracks revenue and conversion rate by post (A/B testing), average follower value, etc., so you can identify the most profitable posts and schedule more of the same
No Gumroad revenue-tracking by post
Drip marketing for scheduled threads 🔥
Schedule threads with replies that go out at custom intervals (drip sequence for tweets)
No granularity in terms of timing
Auto-add popular tweets to Evergreen List
Works in the background to auto-identify & auto-add your tweets with good engagement to Evergreen List

Need to add tweets manually to Evergreen List
Followers analytics
Sort followers by their followers and follow ratio, then sort/filter their timelines too for actionable insights

No follower analytics
Unfollowers analytics
Focus your engagement efforts more strategically by knowing when to cut your losses

No unfollower analytics
Auto-follow key influencers
Auto-follow new followers who are verified accounts and/or accounts with high follower:following ratio
Schedule replies to tweets
Yes, reply to your own tweets (create a thread post-hoc) or even others' tweets
Links repository
We save all the links that you've ever used/scheduled before, so you can copy and paste them for easy re-use

Autocomplete mentions
Yes, following list drops down when you type @...

Not even
Rearrange thread order
Drag & drop tweets up and down during editing
Schedule threads
Schedule tweets, retweets, quoted tweets
Home timeline feature
Auto-retweet evergreen content in background
Auto-retweet based on engagement
Auto-plug offer under viral tweets
Customize your virality threshold (# of retweets, likes)

Added after we did

Starts at $9.99/mo

Starts at $19/mo

Great Success Stories 💪

Real users, real satisfaction, real results.

“I've used Buffer, Later.com, and Hootsuite. None of them have the granular settings that Zlappo has. The threads I can write, and retweet automatically end up becoming epic tweetstorms. It's incredible the granularity of options you have with Zlappo. I'm always struggling to find the right time to tweet, the retweet after X hours feature provides an amazing solution. I can post, retweet 12 hours later and make sure I cover my bases. In just a couple hours a week I can write all of my tweets. Also the Gumroad integration is such a gosh darn moneymaker!” Andrew Kamphey @Kamphey
Software entrepreneur, Andrew Kamphey
My engagement is skyrocketing. Just do it. First of all, this is a multi-account scheduler. HUGE value in that alone. I was using another service which I did enjoy, but after seeing the endless features with Zlappo, it became a lot easier to finally make the switch. The detailed auto-RT and evergreen tweet promotion WILL grow your account. I'm getting more likes, replies, retweets than ever before, and that's converting to more followers and more traffic to my website on a daily basis. Put them on auto-pilot and let Zlappo do the rest!” Ty Solorzano @luvmyhubz
“Zlappo is a "specialty" tool. It won't be your "everything I ever want to do on every social media channel" tool. It will be your "here's how to get serious about Twitter and build a profitable Twitter following" tool. The dashboard is perfect for the kind of influencer interaction necessary to build a large, qualified following. I'm really pleased with this tool. Twitter is a powerful channel, and we needed a powerful tool to optimize it. I think Zlappo is it.” Andrea Hill @andreahill
Business consultant, StrategyWerx
“I ran into Zlappo a while back when I was looking for a way to schedule threads. I noticed my Twitter workflow changed a lot with this tool, as I have a space to work on my tweet ideas and can then polish them in drafts. If you have some really good tweets from a longer time ago, Evergreen auto-scheduling is also wonderful! As a software developer myself, I've additionally enjoyed the fact that the couple of times I have found something wrong, a well-written bug report with steps to reproduce has been also well-received.” Lynoure Braakman @Lynoure
Software engineer

More Success Stories 💪

We empower our users to be 10x better.

“I truly love Zlappo. Not only because I can schedule threads, but because Jay is so very responsive to users. When a user-suggested feature is implemented, there's a tweet with their handle so we can go and thank them for making Zlappo even better. My other favorite features are: Adding a promo tweet to a tweet that has "taken off" - my email list and sales have grown without any additional effort. I've been a Twitter user since the beginning of '09, and Zlappo is the best tool for Twitter of all time.” Auntee Rik @Aunteerik
Marketing Blogger
Very satisfied with all the features - now I no longer have to manually RT and unRT. Barely scratching the surface of all the features. The automations are what power users need, and at an unbeatable price. Love how responsive Jay, the founder, is to any query and feature request. He's very patient and thorough in explaining any issue I had. Being able to see the roadmap and what he's currently working on also gives great confidence in the project.” Jason Leow @jasonleowsg
Indie Hacker, Lifelog
“I have been using Zlappo for close to a year and it is a big time-saver for me. The developers are very friendly, and they really listen to the customers. I raised a few suggestions on improving the usability of the product and they were addressed soon. The product roadmap is visible to all customers, and they have some excellent features coming up.” Rahul Rai @rahulrai_in
Blogger, The Cloud Blog
“Zlappo was a game changer for me. It actually got me to post and start working on my Twitter account. With Zlappo, all I had to do was line them up. I was actually able to line up three weeks of material in my very first Zlappo session. Then, I just set the best ones to retweet automatically on the Evergreen schedule. This app definitely makes posting on Twitter a no-brainer. It's easy-to-use, easy to learn and actually makes the entire process fun.” Martin Messier @MartinMessier
Consultant, Xceede Solutions

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