Others schedule tweets. Zlappo delivers results.

Zlappo was built with only one purpose in mind: to grow your audience rapidly like a Top 1% influencer. Zlappo bakes in the Twitter best practices of 2020 and systematizes it all into a simple, intuitive workflow.

With Zlappo, even the Twitter novice will gain an absurd amount of value just by going with the flow. We understand Twitter growth hacking inside out, and our product embodies the only the smartest features, empowering you to grow like no one else can by doing what no one else is.

Connect multiple Twitter accounts
Connect UNLIMITED accounts

Only one account
Timeline filtering & sorting
Sort past tweets by retweets and likes. Further filter by type: with media, with link, quoted tweets, replies, retweets, etc.

Lacks filtering and sorting
Follower analytics
Sort followers by their followers, then sort/filter their timelines too for actionable insights

No follower analytics
Upload up to 4 images per tweet
Yes, including within threads

Only 1 image per tweet
Schedule replies to tweets
Yes, reply to your own tweets (create a thread post-hoc) or even others' tweets
Auto-saves as you go along to avoid losing your work
Autocomplete mentions
Yes, following list drops down when you type @...
Emoji support for desktop 😉
Schedule threads
Schedule tweets, retweets, quoted tweets
Home timeline feature
Auto-retweet evergreen content in background
Auto-retweet based on engagement
Auto-plug offer under viral tweets
You can customize your own virality threshold (retweets, likes) to trigger this

Added after we did

Starts at $9.99/mo

Starts at $14/mo

Great Success Stories 💪

Real users, real satisfaction, real results.

“Zlappo has made my Twitter life so much simpler! As a content creator and blogger, you don't want to be glued to Twitter all day long. The fact that you can schedule tweet threads AND schedule retweets of your high-performing content is a gold mine! Zlappo makes it easier for you to grow your account while being able to authentically connect with your audience.” Brittany Hollie @brittsliladvice
Health blogger, A Lil' Sweet Spice & Advice
“Zlappo is a game changer for me. Before Zlappo, I had to constantly be on Twitter to tweet and retweet. Now that I can schedule tweets, retweets, and threads for the right times of the day, I'm better able to concentrate on living.” James Huntington @acultivatedman
Author, BETTER EVERY DAY: The Power of 1%
“I tried a bunch of scheduling apps for Twitter; you name em'. But Zlappo is the best in my book. Not only is it stupid easy to use, it has a ton of features, it works without issues, AND has a mobile app. Zlappo is your tool if you want to grow your audience and business. Jay is easy to work with and provides help, and new features, with anything. See for yourself!” Alexander Reich @selfconquering

More Success Stories 💪

We empower our users to be 10x better.

“I tried every scheduler platform out there, and Zlappo is definitely the best of them all. It has so many awesome features like automated threads and retweets, repeating offers, and more. Best of all, it allows you to save time, and you can practically schedule all your tweets for the next couple of months if you wanted. Zlappo gives me the opportunity to spend my time on the important things.” Zen Mindset @zen_mindset
Motivational figure
“I tried other Twitter automation tools, but I never found them efficient. It would still take me over half an hour a day to post a couple of tweets. However, Zlappo is a lot more efficient, it only takes me 10 minutes per day, and it's really easy to use. With this tool, I will be using Twitter a lot more, as you can have the added benefits of growth and visits to your site, with a lot less effort. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see how much more I am and will be tweeting, compared to before.” Sam Nelson @FiveStarFunnel
Marketer, Five Star Funnel

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